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  • Rum, rhum e ron

    The new brandy

    Here you can get an idea a little 'more in-depth' about various rum not only commercial, and understand more about appellations : vieux, solera, full proof, under proof, over proof, extra strenght, grand añejo, reserve, spiced, single cask, añejo, single barrel, reserve special, oak cask, cuveè>>>

  • Whisky or Whiskey?

    Uisce beata or Uisge beata?

    Whisky/whiskey is an alcoholic drink distilled from cereals, can be a mixture (blended), or when is used a sprouted barley, it's called (single malt). Generally they are aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three up to ten and moore years as the most prestigious and rare.>>>

  • Spirits means culture

    "Aqua vitae"

    The distilled spirits have been called "aqua vitae", Whisky is derived from the Gaelic: uisge beatha-just water of life. Which distilled choose?, maybe an unusual gift, or for a personal fulfillment smooth, or mixed in a cocktail, or simply for a collection to be presented to your guests?>>>

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